Preamble for use with the FORX ARC Monday Night Net

Good evening! This is (call)* opening the FORX Amateur Radio Club Monday Night Net. My name is (first name)*, and I will be your net control operator this evening.

This net meets every Monday night at 9:00PM local time on the frequency of 146.94 Mhz. It is intended for net training as well as announcing items of interest to the local ham community. This is a public service net affiliated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Division of the American Radio Relay League.

This net will be a formal net for checking in and an informal portion for general comments. This is a directed net, so please address all queries and comments to the Net Control Station.

When checking in, please state your call and your name.

Are there any mobile stations? If so, please check in now...

Are there any stations on “short time”? If so, please check in now...

We begin check-ins with: A Alpha though M Mike


N November through Z Zulu

(This may be done in any order you wish)

Additional stations A Alpha through Z Zulu

Informal Portion of the Net for Comments

This concludes the formal portion of the net. I now open the net for comments... (Go down the list of check-ins asking each for a comment)

ANNOUNCEMENT (Make announcements) Any additions or corrections to the announcements

Late check-ins, please call now...

(After giving all stations a chance to make a comment, then) Any late check-ins A Alpha through Z Zulu

This concludes the (today's date)* session of the (year)*. Tonight we had (number)* check-ins. I'd like to thank each of you for checking in this evening. We look forward to hearing you on our next FORX Amateur Radio Club Monday Night Net. We now return this frequency to normal use. This is (call)*, your net control station, now clear.